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          Located in Liyang, Jiangsu, HIFI Logistics is a warehousing and logistics company engaging in packaging, warehousing, highroad transportation and logistics distribution. The company persists in tenet of “Safety, Punctuality, High-quality Service, Customer First, Abiding to Contract”, pursues the logistics way, that is kindness to people; with good reputation and high-quality service, its logistics service covers nearly twenty provinces, cities and autonomous regions. The company dedicates to cooperate with domestic vendors to reach double win, development and glory together. Through unremitting struggle, it has formed comprehensive warehousing and logistics distribution network which takes Changzhou as junction, covers the whole province and goes through major provinces of the whole country, wins good social reputation through its first-class services and becomes the excellent brand in the logistics industry. 

          HIFI always takes customers as center, waits ready, persists in innovation, selects the optimal circuit, and optimizes the transportation cost of logistics for mass customers. With its mature and perfect ERP system, it provides high-efficient, convenient, timely, safe and reliable services for customers. Bearing the service philosophy of “Cherish the customer’s entrustment, and convey as the same”, it establishes good cooperation relationship with in-transit branches of many large third-party logistics companies to set up a national standardized transportation network system and provide safe, rapid, professional and reliable warehousing and logistics services at present.

          HIFI takes the service philosophy of “serving customers by gratitude, and creating future by faith” all the time. With standardized operation procedures and informatized decision-making operation, and remarkable advantages of BSC management, it establishes business cooperation relationship with dozens of domestic famous large-scale enterprises and hundreds of medium- and small-scale enterprises. While driving economic development and promoting industrial level, it tries to create more social benefits, makes positive contribution for sustainable development of national economy and creation of harmonious society and takes the enterprise’s development mission of dedicating to promote contemporary logistics. HIFI makes bigger struggle and contribution for Chinese logistics industry by its strong network, high-quality service and high-efficient operation.  


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