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          The import department ofCHANGZHOU ESUN IMP.&EXP.CO.,LTD is mainly engaged in all kinds of business of international trade; Under the leadership of the leaders of the company and the cooperation of colleagues, the import department consistently use of its rich practical experience ,great fund platform and meticulous work attitude to provide customers with the services of maximized value.

          We formed a complete chain include import trade agent, transportation agent of import, import customs declaration and international insurance agency. We provide one to one full-service in import trade agent such as elephone communication with foreign customer, signing the bill, the foreign remittance, door-to-door delivery, handling automatic import license, handling free 3 c, and other related import licence, commodity inspection, import customs clearance and domestic transportation, etc. We can also handle parts of these business according to customer needs. We supply processing trade agent as well. Customs declaration, transportation adapts all port around the world.

          At present, the department’s main products include: brand clothing, international high-end fine chemicals, electrolytic copper, plastic, machinery and equipment, food and other imports.

          The export department of Changzhou Cosin International Trade Co., LTD., is mainly engaged in all kinds of business of international trade; We owns a team of rich experience and good performance in the import and export business agent and principal.Under the leadership of the leaders of the company, all the departments consistently use of their rich business experience and perfect channel and good fund to provide customers with the services of maximized value.

          Since the establishment of the company,  as the company’s main department,the export department has been worked together with elite team; actively explored the international market which based on the principle of integrity; made great contributions for the development of the company. After years of unremitting efforts of all members of the department, the current main products include: textile, clothing, machinery, auto parts, etc. The products have been exported to the United States, Japan, Turkey, South Korea, Hong Kong, the European Union and other countries and regions."Honesty is the capital and credit is life" is our service commitment, "flexible and efficient, not afraid of difficulties" is our working attitude.This makes us enjoys a good evaluation in the customer. We sincerely hope that we can establish cooperation relationship with domestic and foreign merchants.

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