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          Chinese mall diversifies Chilean markets with quality goods
          發布時間:2010-8-1 瀏覽次數:1081
               SANTIAGO: In the center of Santiago, capital of Chile, stands a three-story shopping mall called "The Chinese Mall."

              The shopping center accommodates hundreds of shops plus a huge warehouse run by the Chinese business people, offering local residents daily necessities of good quality but with cheaper prices.

              Though most of them speak a little Spanish, they are fluent with the Spanish numbers. And most of the shop assistants are either Peruvians or Colombians.

              Entering the mall, people will find that the whole shopping mall is very crowded and most local consumers buy goods in wholesale.

              "They are local business people. They buy goods here and resell them in other parts (of the country) to make money," said Ma Yan, a Chinese girl who helps her friend to run a boutique.

              "Goods here are very cheap," said a local young woman who refused to be identified. "It is very convenient for us to buy things here."

              Ladies shoes and handbags cost only half compared with other shopping centers in the city, she said, adding the quality of the commodities is as good as that of brand name products.

              Even precious jewels, high quality watches and beautiful gifts of various kinds are also much cheaper than other shopping centers in the city, she said.

              Ma echoed with the Chilean woman, saying the price of the garments in her shop is only a third of those sold in local Chilean-run shops. "That’s why the shopping mall is crowded and attracts more and more local consumers everyday," she said.

              "A genuine leather wallet sells only 3,000 pesos ($6) here," she said.

              The mall was opened five years ago. Under the administration of Santiago municipality, it is described by both Chinese and Chilean people as "a story of a complete success of the Chinese-Chilean cooperation."

              The mall now sells numerous kinds of goods including women’s shoes, handbags, stationery, flashlights, hardware, garments, hair accessories, toys, auto parts among others, with a wide selection at affordable prices.

          Even though goods sold here are cheaper and good in quality, the Chinese business people are now facing smarter Chilean clients, Ma said. "The Chileans are too good at bargaining, so it is not easy to make money now."

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